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Fleesh is a Brazilian rock project formed in 2014 by Gabby Vessoni and Celo Oliveira. 

It all started in 2014 when Celo and Gabby decided to record some songs, making their first record "My Real Life", released in 2015 independently. After this album release, they started to record some tribute versions on their YouTube Channel, reaching a large number of people all over the world.


Versions like Renaissance, Steve Hackett, Rush and Marillion were really embraced by the audience, influencing the duo to record their next album called "What I Found" (2017), with more progressive rock influences!

After this, also in 2017, a Rush tribute album called "The Next Hemisphere" was released with 14 songs trying to cover the entire band's career. They did a successful crowdfunding campaign to release both albums as physical copies as well.

In 2018, the project decided to record a new tribute album and, this time, a double album. "Script for a New Season" is Fleesh's tribute to Marillion, a band they admire a lot and is a huge influence to them.

At the end of 2018 they started to record their 3rd original album. This time, a concept album called "Across the Sea", trying to show all the stages of depression on the lyrics and on the instrumental parts as well.

In 2019 the project finally hits the stage as a duo, doing their very first live concert in the USA on April and, on October, they hit the Brazilian stages with a full band (Rodrigo Zacconi on bass and Leo Peccatu on drums) to perform songs from their latest record "Across the Sea". Releasing a live DVD from their very first concert as well.

In 2020 the duo releases a Genesis double tribute albums, in 2021 a Renaissance double tribute album and also their 4th original album called "Eclipsed".

In 2022 they release a Pink Floyd double tribute album that was dearly embraced by everybody and get ready for their 5th original album to be released in 2023!


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